Submitting a Warranty Application

  • Make sure to download the applicable warranty form, either standard 15 years or the brand new 20 year Alluminate Ultra Finish Warranty (20 years requires specific material to be purchased to qualify)

  • Ensure all information is completed on the applicable, downloadable form located below

  • Ensure the documentation is SIGNED by the person responsible for the warranty (in some cases this is the owner, in other cases this may be a contractor, sub-contractor or installer)

  • Ensure the customer invoice is attached when submitting. This copy must include pricing and is strictly confidential, only kept on our records in case of a warranty claim. This way we are able to cover the total amount paid for the material.*

  • We DO NOT cover the cost of installation

  • If you have any questions regarding warranties, please contact us

When you’ve completed your warranty form, contact us to begin the process.



  • We are unable to provide flat chips, all of our samples are cut from actual profiles.

  • Please allow 1-2 days for processing, and 5-7 business days for ground shipments. Overnight requests rely on FedEx cut-off times.

  • Certain Profiles such as 2ft samples may require a production lead time of 3-6 business days before shipping *


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Complete the form or give us a call at


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